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How To Help


Volunteer Opportunities

Garden Terrace has a number of activities that are enhanced by volunteers.

Our maintenance department uses volunteers for a variety of jobs including wall patching, touch up painting, weeding the landscaping, lightbulb replacement, and some light cleaning.

Volunteers can always help in food service by helping residents carry food trays to their tables.

We also enjoy volunteers who bring a particular skill or expertise that can be shared with residents one on one or in a group setting.

Musical talent that can be shared with the residents is always appreciated.

If you want to find out where you can help make a difference at Garden Terrace by volunteering a few hours a day or week contact our services coordinator, Tina, at 509-663-0503, or Administrator, Shawna, at 509-663-2154.

“We have residents who volunteer or work and are contributing to the larger community. By having a place that seniors can live that is safe and healthy, they are able to continue to give back to the community in some way.” Ken (former executive director)