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Planned Giving

What We (And You) Do Really Matters!

“There’s about 146 people that live in this building, and new friendships are being made. I meet them in the halls and it’s always, ‘How’re you doing?’ and ‘What’s going on in your world’?” ~Fred, former resident.

If you are reading this, you probably have a special interest in making a significant and lasting impact on the residents at Garden Terrace low-income senior apartments. And through a planned gift to Garden Terrace Senior Living, you will be part of a growing number of like-minded individuals who have chosen the well-being of financially vulnerable seniors in North Central Washington to be one of their primary charitable interests. Many have found that a little time spent considering the best ways to structure their gifts can help them make meaningful contributions while meeting personal planning goals as well.

By exploring planned giving tools you may discover ways to make gifts to Garden Terrace and other charities of your choosing that you may not have thought possible.

  • You could learn how to give in ways that can actually “give back” for a time, providing extra income in retirement years or to help fund educational expenses and other needs.
  • You could add meaning to your gift by using it to honor a special friend or loved one.
  • You could see how to save money on income, gift, and estate taxes and redirect those amounts for use in ways you choose.
  • You will enjoy giving more, knowing you are investing in charitable interests in ways that allow you to give the most at the lowest cost possible.
  • That’s what effective gift planning is all about. We can help you to discover ways to maximize the potential of your resources through preserving financial security for yourself and your loved ones while funding the organizations and institutions in which you believe.

And, after you prepare that special planned gift to Garden Terrace seniors, you become eligible to join the Garden Terrace Sowing Seeds Society. This special group of donors has made a lasting impact on local low-income seniors and will continue to do so for our second fifty years!

“It’s like family. It reminds me of some kind of reunion, but you get to have it every day - so, that’s really good.” ~ Michael (resident)